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An Introduction to Me

on October 7, 2014

I’m not anyone special, I’m just a woman who loves being a mom and wants the best for her family. I know I have opinions that differ from the mainstream, I always have. I like to think about things, I like to know why things are the way they are. I like to question whether they have to be that way. I suppose this is why I am an advocate of unschooling. Even during the time I spent in school, I have always been an unschooler at heart. My biggest desire for my children is that they have the same love of learning that I have.

So what is unschooling? That’s a question I get asked often! Basically, it’s self-led learning. It’s learning rooted in questions. Humans are naturally curious beings. The first question most kids ask is “why?” And it gets asked over and over again, as all parents know. Unfortunately, more often than not, the question gets ignored or met with a frustrated “I don’t know!” I say unfortunately, because if the toddler’s questions go unanswered often enough, they will stop asking, and that is a great travesty. That is the beginning of the death of the search for answers. By the time those toddlers grow into teenagers and graduate from high school, they’ve had their questions silenced and punished for so long that the glimmer of love they had of learning has long since died.

Unschooling can not only prevent that death, but it can also resurrect it from the grave. The beauty of unschooling is that anyone can do it at any age. All you have to do is let your questions lead you on a path to answers. Sometimes, questions are easily answered by a quick search on the Internet or in a dictionary. Other times, questions just lead to more questions. I was once asked “how do you know so much?” I didn’t know quite how to respond at the time, but I suppose it’s because I actively seek knowledge. If I’m reading a news article and there’s something I don’t understand, I go look it up. If someone is telling me about a medical condition they have, I go do some research on it. If I hear something on a TV show that I’m not sure about, I go find additional information on it.

Of course, I suppose this explains why my house is always messy, I go to bed too late, and I’d rather sit at home and read instead of having a social life 😉

Here are some of my favorite links about unschooling, if you’d like to fuel your inner unschooler and find out more:


2 responses to “An Introduction to Me

  1. I just pulled my ten year old from his fifth grade public school classroom 10 days ago. I’m considering all of my options with him and look forward to checking out your links. Without knowing your definition of unschooling I basically did the same thing with him. I told him that a major part of his “school” at home would be finding answers to his questions. So, he’s keeping a notebook to write down his questions and answers.


    • My husband and I basically did the same when we pulled our 2 older girls from public school. We had no homeschooling plan, we just knew we had to get them out of the school they were in. They were being bullied, and the school was doing pretty much nothing to stop it. We knew it was really bad when our oldest, then 8, came home and asked my husband to teach her to fight =( We began unschooling before I found a word for it. When we realized there was a philosophy for what we were doing, we knew it was right for us!

      Good luck in your homeschooling journey, whether it ends in unschooling or not =)


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