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on October 10, 2014

I admit, I love food! I’m definitely picky about certain flavors and textures, but cooking is absolutely one of my passions.  It’s an art form to me. I think of recipes more as guides or ideas rather than instructions set in stone. I might replace one ingredient with another or leave something out entirely. I always add seasonings by taste.

Several years ago, I decided to start eating healthier. I began by learning to make things from scratch. I already knew some things, like pie crust and cookies. Then I learned pancakes, biscuits, and french toast. They tasted so much better than the instant kind, and they really didn’t take that much longer to make. I wondered why anyone had ever stopped making them the “old-fashioned” way. As I began cooking more, I began to love it more deeply. I have always enjoyed artsy things, so making my food look beautiful was a natural step for me. I soon realized that visually-appealing food tastes better, too! (

The natural next step for my always-questioning self was to learn about food in an in-depth manner. What’s the difference between packaged food and the same thing made from scratch? What does it mean when a box of mac and cheese says “natural and artificial flavors”? What are all those ingredients I can’t pronounce? What’s in fast food? If pancakes taste better made from scratch, what about crackers or hot dog buns or barbecue sauce? What CAN’T I make at home? Oh, and don’t forget about organic foods. What exactly does that mean?

If these are questions you’ve wondered (or are thinking about now!), or if you’d just like to learn how to cook like your great-grandma did… stay tuned 😉 I’ll definitely be talking about these things in more depth. But right now, speaking of food, I haven’t eaten dinner yet! Oh, the life of a mom…


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  1. rebecca says:

    I cant wait to read more!! 🙂

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