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Alaska or Bust!

on October 16, 2014

My husband and I have shared a dream for many years, to one day own a large piece of land in Alaska. Neither of us has ever been there, but we are in love with it just the same. My husband prefers the island area around Juneau…


While I prefer a more south-central location…


Either way, we can all agree that the Alaskan frontier is an absolutely gorgeous place! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that view every day? OK, so maybe it would be a little more snowy…


We would like about 20 acres or more. Plenty of space for our 4 (or more!) kids, and no neighbors in sight. That much land would be necessary because we plan on being self-sufficient. We would like to be able to hunt, fish, raise animals, and have a large garden. Hopefully, we could reach a point where we supplied all our own food. I would probably want chickens, goats, and pigs. And definitely a large forest garden. If you’ve never heard of forest gardening, you should read about it here: Basically, it’s a garden that replicates a natural forest, but where all the plants are edible and/or have medicinal uses. For example, you would have large fruit and nut trees surrounded by berry bushes, tomato and cucumber vines, and bush beans; then edible flowers, squash plants, root vegetables, and field greens. That’s just a very small example of the variety needed in a forest garden. I think it would be amazing to go outside and wander around a forest, picking various ripe fruits and vegetables. Then carrying them home to eat fresh and preserve the extras for use in the winter.

I’ve always felt most at peace among the trees, far from the bustle and pollution of the city. It’s so soothing to be out in nature. I don’t think I could ever tire of that. I’ve read many articles that talk about the health benefits of being in nature. (, If just looking at pictures of nature can lower stress levels, how much healthier would you be if you actually lived in a natural setting? Yes, I’m a hippie at heart! I want to be one with nature. I think the world would be a better place if we all lived in harmony with nature. Not using more natural resources than we actually need, relying on the sun and wind for power, using natural springs or wells for water, growing our own food. People would be happier, the earth would be unpolluted, and we would live peacefully with the animals. I don’t forsee civilization lasting very long the way it’s headed now. And I think a lot of people have already figured this out. There are more and more people living “off the grid” ( and backyard, rooftop, and community gardens are making a comeback (

I’ve said for years that our current technological society will be the downfall of our civilization. Finally, scientists are realizing this themselves. ( So maybe I’m right. Maybe the only way to avoid a global collapse is to migrate back toward a hunter-gatherer society. I think it’s possible that, deep down, we already know this. At any rate, do your brain a favor and take a walk today. Smell the flowers, look up in the trees, lay in the grass, stop what you’re doing long enough to observe an insect for awhile. Take 5 minutes to be a part of this earth instead of it’s master. =)

One response to “Alaska or Bust!

  1. blubecca7 says:

    Very beautiful pictures! I have alwaus wanted to see Alaska! I used to have a co-worker that went up there all the time to visit family, she would show me these pictures that looked like postcards! So breathtaking. 🙂

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