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Shopping: An Olympic Sport

on October 29, 2014

OK, maybe not for everyone. But you try taking 4 kids grocery shopping and then let me know if you feel like you’ve just run a marathon!

I was going to take the kids to the library. Pulled into the parking lot and realized it’s Wednesday, one of the days the library is closed. *sigh* Well, then, we will just go to the store, I decided. I needed milk, bread, and a couple other things. So off we drove to Target.

Let me back up a bit first. You have to realize, by the point we were in the car driving, part of the marathon had already taken place. I got Natalie, the toddler, to sleep for her nap. Robert, the baby, had just woken up from his nap. I asked Meghan, my 8 year old, too sit next to Natalie, in case she woke up; Elizabeth, my 10 year old, sat next to Robert and kept him happy. I jumped in the shower because I don’t know when I showered last! I had a luxurious 5 minutes alone, then started getting dressed. Crap, I forgot to grab clean underwear. I ask Elizabeth to run grab me some. Meghan informs me that Natalie is awake. Already? Oh well, maybe she’ll go to bed before 9:30 tonight! I finish dressing, put on lotion, start brushing my hair, and head out of the bathroom. I instruct the big girls to put on clean clothes, Elizabeth brushes her hair, I brush Meghan’s and Natalie’s hair. I send Elizabeth to get Natalie’s pants after Elizabeth changes her diaper. I put on deodorant and perfume.  I get the diaper bag ready and feed Robert. Elizabeth gets Natalie some juice to take. Meghan puts her hair in a ponytail. Robert finishes eating, so I put him in the car seat, find my shoes, and we head out. Elizabeth takes Natalie, I take Robert in his seat, and Meghan takes the diaper bag. I grab the double stroller on the way out. Elizabeth puts Natalie in her seat, I put Robert’s seat in the car, then I put the double stroller in the trunk. Everyone else buckles and off we go!

So where were we? Oh yes, on our way to Target! After parking, I have to get the stroller out, put Robert and Natalie in, and we head into the store. We spend maybe 10 minutes looking for birthday presents for my sister, then head to the food section. At about this point, Robert starts fussing. I try to hurry, I really do. But I read labels religiously now. We only buy whole foods; organic and non-GMO, if possible. And I can’t have wheat, soy, or dairy because of Robert’s sensitivities. So grocery shopping is slow-going at times. Robert quickly gets very unhappy, so I pick him up. Now Meghan pushes the stroller while Elizabeth pushes the cart. I have to keep one eye on Elizabeth, one eye on Meghan, and one eye on the food in trying to pick out. Wait… that’s one too many eyes! Oh, right, I forgot about the eyes in the back of my head!  😉  Oh, lovely, Robert is filling his diaper. He can wait until we get out to the car, right?

Once we’re done getting food, after about hurried 20 minutes, we head to the checkout. Meghan wants to buy something she saw in the dollar section, so I park the stroller and cart and tell her and Elizabeth to go quickly get it. I wait a few minutes and realize, they’re NOT hurrying. I wait a couple minutes more, then put Robert back in the stroller, leave the cart, and push the stroller over and tell Meghan to get what she wants and LET’S GO!

Finally checking out. I’m trying to keep Robert from crying while answering the young cashier’s silly questions about healthy cereal and reminding Meghan to wait behind me to pay for her own stuff. The cashier’s age becomes apparent when she compliments me on my Jack shirt (Nightmare Before Christmas) and comments that she grew up watching that movie. Thanks for making me feel old. I remember it coming out when I was like 10.

Anyway, done checking out, headed to the car. Put groceries in trunk, tell Elizabeth to put Natalie in the car, tell Meghan to put the cart away, realize Robert pooped through his clothes. I think a *facepalm* is appropriate here. Lay him on the front seat with a burp cloth underneath. Have Meghan give me a plastic bag to put dirty things in, then tell her to start the car so we can have air (yes, it’s still warm enough for AC in the car here in central California). Use like 8 wipes cleaning up the wiggling baby, praying he doesn’t pee on me. Have Elizabeth take the dirty diaper to the trash. Put Robert in his car seat. Go fix Natalie’s twisted car seat strap. Realize I should have put the stroller in the trunk first. Spend several minutes wrangling it into the trunk. At this point, I’m sure we’ve spent 20 minutes just getting everyone and everything back into the car! I’m sweating and out of breath and grateful the library was closed! 

After we got home, I’m mostly grateful that my husband was here to help bring in the groceries and put them away! Now that I’ve had my hour and a half break while feeding and rocking Robert, it’s time to change another poopy diaper and help hubby make dinner 😉


2 responses to “Shopping: An Olympic Sport

  1. blubecca7 says:

    Oh wow that made me tired just reading it!! You should get a medal every time you go somewhere! You’d have a lot of medals!! Lol I hope you got everything on your list!

    Liked by 1 person

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