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Back Talkin’

on December 29, 2014

So true! A good reminder.

Nurturing Insanity

Back-talk-me-One-more-time--IEver feel like this (without the fist lol)? I mean, my kids can really get their “smart mouths” going, that’s for sure but ya know what? I am pretty sure there are times when I have brought it out in them.

I learned years ago that the more angry I sound with them or the more snappy I get, the more they do the same and I decided, well, that it is understandable! As adults, when someone gets snappy with you, don’t you naturally feel a quick defensive snappy retort build up inside you and maybe you even let it out. We can’t expect children do keep know how to keep their tempers in check if we can’t do the same.  I am terribly guilty of being over-tired or “over it” and not give my children the respect they deserve at times. Usually I am good at recognizing it when…

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