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Vaccinations: the right to choose

on February 3, 2015

I posted this article on Facebook. Someone I know who is obviously very pro-vaccine told me that it wasn’t good enough, despite the references, because the writer was not a scientist or doctor.

Then, I posted this link. An article written by a doctor, with even more references. The same individual commented again, stating that this doctor’s opinion was not good enough because she is a mere kidney specialist, not an immunologist.

Here is my reply:

I could give you a link to an article with an immunologist who is anti-vaccine (which, if you actually wanted, would be easy to find on your own). Then you would say that one immunologist is not enough. I could then send you five more examples, to which you would say is still not enough. To which I would ask, “how many is enough?” You would probably reply “at least 50%”. To which I would then reply,  “is that how you make all your decisions? By majority rule? What if the majority is wrong?” Ah, but then we are back where we started, which is that one must decide for themselves. But you’ve already stated that vaccination shouldn’t be a personal choice. We lowly “regular” people cannot possibly make an educated decision for ourselves. We must trust the majority of doctors who tell us what is right. Then, I ask, why should you be allowed to decide what medications to take, or to give your child? Why should you be allowed to decide what surgeries to undergo? For that matter, why shouldn’t every aspect of our lives that could possibly affect our society be decided by a special council? What job you have, where you live, what you eat, whom you marry, how many children you have. Is that ad ridiculum? Maybe. But if the argument can be applied to one aspect of your life, why not all?

I choose to question everything. I choose to do my own research. I choose to read everything I can get my hands on, from both sides, and also completely unbiased information (pure facts, such as what the ingredients of vaccines are). I choose to make as informed choice as possible about everything, and never simply follow what the majority of anyone says is right. I believe that such free choice should not only be respected, but applauded. I believe that the search for the truth never ends, which is why individuals must have free choice. The freedom to decide for ourselves what is truth is our most basic human right. No one can take that away, it has to be given away willingly. I, personally, will never give away that right.


3 responses to “Vaccinations: the right to choose

  1. Luck Fawyers says:

    A troll is an average person that believes you have to have a medical degree to refuse vaccinations, and yet feels that their opinion is somehow relevant to your choice, even though they are not with a medical degree…

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