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Yelling at Your Troubles

on February 4, 2015

I really love this take on babies and their communication with us; often mistaken for yelling, screaming, or being a “bad baby”.


070630byTamakiSonoFlickrCC 070630 by Flickr user Tamaki Sono, used with CC license

Over the last 13 months, my baby, like all babies, cries when she is upset. Now that she is a toddler, she often babbles angrily or sadly when she is dissatisfied with something, which goes something like this:

(Today, at the end of dinner, as she still sat in her high chair)
“Way-tuh ga-guh PA ma! Mamamamamama! Goi dukka dukka dukka DA!” *whimpering* Dai dai dai ooooooooooh yai yai me! BA DA GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

I believe this may roughly translate as “And if things weren’t bad enough already, now I have broccoli pieces on my pants! Mom! And my nose still feels funny! *panic setting in* Why isn’t my hair in my eyes? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?”

While many people might say that their child was screaming at them, I choose to believe that mine is instead screaming at her troubles.

Maybe this seems…

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