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Article: There’s No Such Thing as Baby Food (Baby Lead Weaning / Solids)

on February 20, 2015

This is exactly what I did with Natalie and am more doing with Bobby!

Laissez Faire

I wrote the following for a very wonderful woman for a now dormant site called Daily Momtra.   It seems like such an eon ago when my daughter still smelled new with her feet firmly planted in babyhood, but she was facing the direction of Toddlerland.   I know full well that I don’t follow what I am “supposed” to do (I’m a quiet rebel).    I refused to discuss home birth plans with anyone but my husband because who needs that stress of having to feed of well-meaning, but maddening questions.     I also didn’t discuss my determination (and success) to committing to elimination communication, using cloth diapers and wipes, baby led weaning, breastfeeding, or co-sleeping outside of our household.       Why?  Because this is my primate troop and all interlopers will be growled at until they leave.    When Alicia Silverstone was all over the news because she masticated food in her mouth…

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One response to “Article: There’s No Such Thing as Baby Food (Baby Lead Weaning / Solids)

  1. I appreciate the reblog!


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