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Psychiatry and Psychology’s DSM: The Devil’s Dictionary

on April 10, 2015

“This is a dangerous diagnosis. It sets kids up to be labeled as “trouble.” If they have this diagnosis and then trouble as an adult, it is an almost automatic diagnosis of “Anti-Social.” Or “Sociopath.” Basically, life over. You are not reversing that.
Martin Luther King may have met the criteria for this, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa. They were all oppositional as well.
This is only a bad thing for people that want to control the masses and keep everyone in a box.” [In reference to Oppositional Defiant Disorder.]

This is a long read, but well worth it. Especially if you or someone you love has ever been diagnosed with any “mental health” disorder. And especially if it happened when you or that person was a kid. It’s a scary world we live in, when one group of people holds so much power over our lives. And this is why I refused to get my oldest “diagnosed”, potentially with Asperger’s. And why I refused to get my 2nd child “diagnosed”, potentially with ADD or ODD. I myself would probably be diagnosed with one of those. I’m different. I’m weird. I’m defiant. So are my kids, and that’s OK. They are incredibly intelligent. But more than that, they are humans, they are individuals. And I love them for that, even though it means that sometimes they argue with me. Because you know what? Sometimes I’m wrong, and they know it. Just because they’re children doesn’t mean they can’t be right. Children are not slaves to be controlled, to expect mindless obedience from. They are humans, like you and I, and they deserve respect and love and understanding, just the same as everyone else.



“When you start to sit on your throne and decide who is good and who is evil, you become capable of doing great evil, without even thinking of it as evil.” -unknown

Relationships are the key. Relationships. By that I do not mean an “I’m above you” type relationship. Not uppers and lowers. Relationship, me getting to know you, you getting know me. No regard to rank. No one’s better, no one’s worse. When I talk about relationships, I mean a relationship in which we both can challenge each other when we think it’s time. We have to get away from this “I’m the wise healer and you are the lowly patient that needs help.”

That is the attitude of many in the field of psychiatry. That’s why they have phrases like “professionalism,” and “Boundaries.” I love it when they say to the patient, “tell me all about the worst…

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