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Beautiful Disaster

on April 13, 2015


My older 2 kids will be 11 and 9 soon. Meghan, the 8 year old, has been very interested in cooking lately. She has been helping and watching me cook, and writing down recipes in a notebook. They wanted to make cookies one night, so I turned them loose in the kitchen with a recipe. All seemed to be going well, they were working together, communicating, measuring ingredients. I was very proud! Luckily, they listened to me and did a taste test before they baked anything. I asked for a taste, too. It tasted…weird. I asked how much baking soda they put in. Elizabeth, the oldest, replied that they put in 2 teaspoons. I told her that was twice as much as the recipe called for. But that still didn’t seem right. This dough was really bitter. I asked to see the measuring spoon they used. *facepalm* It was actually a tablespoon. They put in 2 tablespoons of baking soda! After laughing for awhile, I told them to double the recipe and see if that would be enough to hide the taste. They got right to work, giggling the whole time. We tasted the dough again and it still had a bad aftertaste. So I asked how much flour and such we had left. I gave them the go-ahead to add another batch to the dough. I told them to add a little extra sugar and extract, as well. That did it! The bitter taste was effectively covered. The cookies turned out really yummy! The funniest part was when the girls asked me, “What does baking soda do, exactly?” So in the end, they not only learned about baking, following recipes, measurement, working together, and communication; they learned a very valuable chemistry lesson! And I’ll bet that they won’t soon forget these lessons, either. This is the beauty of unschooling. This is what I love how we have chosen to school our children…or rather, how we’ve chosen not to school them. =)

(By the way, here’s a link to the recipe they used, super yummy! As long as you don’t put 6x too much baking soda 😉


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