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This is Baby Led Weaning!

on April 14, 2015


Today, I roasted a chicken in the oven, with red and gold potatoes and orange and purple carrots. It was delicious! Better yet, it happens to be a great meal for someone who does baby-led weaning. The chicken was extremely tender, as were the vegetables. My 8 month old son definitely approved!


So what is baby-led weaning? It’s simply forgoing “baby food” for everyday food. It’s following the baby’s interest in food to decide when to begin introducing things other than milk. Basically, once the baby starts trying to grab food off your plate, they are ready to try eating food! A couple things to remember…

1) This only really works if you have a healthy diet. I don’t advocate giving your baby bites of food from fast food restaurants, or preservative-laden food. In my opinion, baby-led weaning works best when you are eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and cooking with whole ingredients. And yes, that includes spices and herbs!

2) The best saying I’ve read is: “Food before one is just for fun!” It’s not only ok, but perfectly normal for your baby to “play” with their food! It’s how they learn to eat. They smear it, throw it, mash it, move it around in their mouth and then spit it back out. They are using all their senses to learn about food; taste, touch, smell, sight, and yes, even sound! Baby-led weaning is not for the faint of heart…there will be mess. A lot of it. You will need to give them baths in the sink after every meal. You will go through lots of clothes, and lots of stain remover. Better yet, let them eat in just a diaper! But fear not! Because before you know it, mealtime will less resemble an elementary school lunchroom food fight and more resemble a civilized dinner! Here is my 20 month old, eating the same meal. (Yes, she used her hands a bit, but she’s making great strides with utensils, all on her own timeline.)


I’ve learned that when we follow babies’ cues about eating, refrain from feeding them “baby” food, and allow them to explore our food on their own terms, they grow into toddlers who are less picky and more adept at eating.

Here are some good links, if you’d like to read more:

2 responses to “This is Baby Led Weaning!

  1. I really enjoyed reading this and seeing your cute babies! My kids are older now and I definitely believe in what you wrote here! It is always best to follow the child and to know what behaviors are acceptable at what stages. I recently heard about a one year old that was put in time out for throwing his food and thought that was crazy. A one year old has no way of understanding this type of punishment for this normal behavior!

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    • Thank you! And goodness, even though my older kids were feed pureed food in the beginning, I never punished them for throwing food! Some people get very upset about babies playing the “I drop it, you pick it up” game. But that’s really all it is, a game! And it’s also a science experiment! What happens when I let go of this? Where does it go? What sound does it make? Will it make the dog come over here again? (That’s how my 3rd child became friends with the dogs lol) I suppose it helps to view life as an opportunity for learning =)

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