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Organic Vegetable Gardening (part 2)

on April 17, 2015


Yesterday was planting day! A kind friend sent me a whole bunch of seeds in the mail. I hadn’t planned on buying any, or very few. I wanted to experiment with planting seeds straight from the source. Which I did, with some tomato and bell pepper seeds. But since the offer of seeds was made, I graciously accepted. My garden has still cost me nothing, and friends sharing seeds seems as natural as procuring seeds from fruit and veggies purchased from the store =)


We used more egg cartons, newspaper pots, egg shells, strawberry containers, and tin cans to plant our seeds. Even the toddler got in on the action! She was a little confused as to why we were putting seeds and corn kernels in dirt instead of eating them, though!


It’s a good thing I have a lot of helpers, because we planted a lot of seeds! Turnip, onion, cantaloupe, various squash, and cucumber, just to name a few. The older girls had fun inspecting the various seeds, noting their size, color, and relation to each other.


The shelf in our shed is nearly full! It’s still dropping below freezing at night where we live, so the seeds need to sprout indoors until it stays warm enough to transfer them to the ground. Hopefully, we will be putting plants in the ground during the first week of May!


Since we planted tomato and pepper seeds last week, we already have a few sprouts. It’s so exciting to watch plants grow, and even more exciting when you personally took the seeds from the fruit and put them in the dirt! Knowing that this tiny little sprout will grow into a huge tomato plant that will give us loads of yummy tomatoes is quite amazing. There’s nothing quite like gardening to make you feel more connected to the Earth.


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