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Babies are Humans, Too

on April 21, 2015

“Last year, a review of neonatal pain management in intensive care found that although these babies experience an average of 11 painful procedures per day, 60 percent do not receive any kind of pain medication.

“Our study suggests that not only do babies experience pain but they may be more sensitive to it than adults,” Slater said.”

…a recent survey by Garry and published in OBG Management found that only 14 percent of US obstetricians who are circumcisers use any form of anesthesia for the surgery.[80] A similar study by Stang et al. in 1998 found that only 25 percent of OBs, 56 percent of family practitioners, and 71 percent of pediatricians surveyed use anesthesia.[83] Howard et al. reported in 1998 that 26 percent of circumcision training programs do not train doctors to use anesthesia/analgesia.[82]

What no one wants to come out and say is that this means we’ve been no less than torturing babies for decades, based solely on their lack of language skills.

Wait, maybe they experience other emotions, too! Maybe they don’t just cry when they’re hungry or have a dirty diaper. Crap. I guess they’re humans after all.

2 responses to “Babies are Humans, Too

  1. Probably because the medication could slow their pulse and respirations. Physicians have to be conservative when medicating infants.


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