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How I Know It Works…

on April 24, 2015


I admit, I had reservations about baby led weaning when I first heard about it.  It’s not what all the books say to do. It’s not what I did with my first two babies. But the more I read about it, the more it made sense. So I took a leap of faith and my 3rd baby had very little pureed food, and my 4th has had none.

Today, I sautéed some onions, garlic, orange bell pepper, and green cabbage in sesame seed oil. I scrambled a couple eggs in the side of the pan, then added some leftover rice, broccoli, and rainbow carrots that I had made a few nights ago. Mixed with some soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce, it made a delicious pan of fried rice!

Here’s the kicker…my 20 month old daughter ate all of it, even the broccoli stalk. She even wanted more! And that’s how I know baby led weaning works!  =)


7 responses to “How I Know It Works…

  1. I’ve mostly done baby led weaning this time around, but the part I still struggle with is feeling fear about choking. I feel compelled to chop everything up into difficult to pick up bits! When I get up my courage and give bigger pieces my daughter stuffs her mouth and gags! What do you do? Small pieces or are you comfortable giving larger items?

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    • I do both! Some things are actually less of a choking hazard if left big, in my opinion, such as apple slices, orange wedges, raw zucchini. Basically raw fruit and veggies I guess. They just get kinda gnawed on and tiny pieces come off sometimes. Cooked stuff I cut up much as I would for myself, into proportionately-sized bites for their mouths. Also, it seriously cuts down the time it takes to cool it off! The only thing I don’t let them have on their own is soup broth or anything similar. I’ve read to use a plastic shot glass. But I just don’t want to clean it up lol I’ll give them chunks of veggies/meat from the soup, or let them eat broth from my spoon. And yes, my babies stuff their mouths full sometimes. I tell them that’s not a good idea, and most of the time they’ll just spit it back out… gross! We’ve only had a couple serious incidents. One was actually the other day, with fried potatoes. The little one had a piece caught. But a few swift pats on the back was enough to dislodge it. I would definitely recommend you know the baby heimlich (spelling? My brain isn’t working…) but then, I think all parents should know it, regardless of feeding style!
      Sorry if I’m rambling, it’s been “one of those days”!

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      • Thanks! That was very helpful! The shot glass thing is funny… I used a shot glass to help my oldest to learn how to drink from a cup when he was three, as it was something he was still struggling with. I always got a kick out of seeing him throw back a shot of water!


      • That’s cute! My older girls had trouble with cups, too. So I just started giving my toddler a tiny bit at a time in a regular cup when she wants it. Sometimes she still uses a sippy, but mostly now she wants a “big cup”. She does really well most of the time, but if she spills, it’s only a tiny bit, so no biggie =)


    I think this is awesome, just like the rest of your blog, so I nominated you for the real nice blog award!

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