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The Great Laundry Mountain

on April 24, 2015


You know what I’m talking about…

That ever-growing pile of laundry that you just can’t seem to finish. Maybe it’s dirty, maybe it’s clean…in my case, both.

I have 4 kids. One of them is a toddler. Enough said, really. But allow me to elaborate. She is curious about her world. She likes mud. She likes to eat peanut butter straight out of the jar…with her hands. She thinks toilet water is for playing in. And her shirt is a napkin. She’s messy, ok? On top of that, I have an 8 month old baby, who is learning to eat. Most of his food ends up in his lap, in his hair, and on his hands. He’s pretty messy, too.

It’s safe to say I do a lot of laundry. If I don’t wash one load a day, I get behind FAST, because one load a day isn’t really even enough. That’s just barely enough to keep us from drowning. So when something happens like my baby being very sick and clingy for 3 days, playing catch-up seems impossible!

But enough is enough! Today is rainy and cold, so I’m declaring a “laundry day.” I’ll be announcing shortly that we are going to have a party…a folding party! Haha My kids will get excited, then moan and groan. But I’ll put on some music, and possibly announce a contest to determine the fastest folder, neatest folder, best sock matcher, etc. That usually does the trick =)


3 responses to “The Great Laundry Mountain

  1. Amie Elna says:

    I have a mountain of clean laundry downstairs… And the kids get to bring it up tomorrow!!! Bahaahaaa

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  2. It really doesn’t help when you don’t have a dryer and the air is so damp that nothing dries. The house feels like a laundrymat!

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    • I don’t have a dryer either… well, I do, but it needs a new cord that I just haven’t gotten around to ordering yet! But the air here is pretty dry, and I have a large laundry area, so it’s not too bad. I’m limited on how much I can hang up at a time, though! The struggle is real lol

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