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Cooking Up Some Yumminess!

on April 26, 2015


I cooked most of the morning today! Feeding these kids is difficult sometimes. I’m glad I enjoy cooking so much! I attempted to make granola bars for the first time ever. I made the mistake of doing so while my older girls were still asleep, though, and both little ones were vying for my attention and wanting to be held. The toddler wanted to help, and has figured out how to drag the chairs and step stool to wherever she wants in order to reach counters and such. So in between “helping” me, she also did things like dig through the dirty dishes that are perpetually in one side of the sink. In all that chaos, I failed to read the entire recipe before beginning to just dump things willy nilly into the bowl. As you can guess, the bars turned out to be yet another “pinterest fail”. No pictures, I didn’t feel like documenting that disaster! On the bright side, we now have some really yummy granola, with a few larger chunks.


Later, I managed to get the big girls to play nicely with the little ones while I continued my cooking. I made a big pan of Spanish rice, heated up some refried beans, chopped up fruit and veggies for some fresh mango salsa, and fried up some tortilla chips! My plan was to make enough food in one morning to be able to avoid cooking for the rest of the day. It seems to have worked!

Here’s my recipe for mango salsa, in case you’re interested:
I made a bigger batch and added a green bell pepper this time =)


The tortilla chips are very simple, and don’t really take too long to make. They are better than any store-bought chips by far, and much cheaper, too! All you do is cut corn tortillas into chip shapes, fry them in coconut oil (or whatever oil you like) until brown and crispy on one side, flip them over and salt them, then take them out and let them cool on a towel or paper towels. I grab a stack of about 4 tortillas at once, cut them in half with kitchen scissors, then cut each of those halves into thirds. Trust me, you’ll never want to buy chips again!


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