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Not For the Faint of Heart

on April 27, 2015

Being a parent, that is. Especially a parent of two little ones. After a week of very little sleep, of one baby being sick for 3 days and both teething terribly, this morning could have gone better. The universe could have cut me a break. But no…

So far, I’ve been awake about an hour and a half. I changed the littlest one’s diaper, and the toddler, Natalie, decided she wanted to go potty. Started taking her diaper off and it was poopy. Luckily, she stood there while I went and grabbed wipes to clean her up. After she was done, I went to the laundry room to hang up the cloth diapers to dry, since I was too tired to do so last night. Heard a crash, came running back to the kitchen, found Natalie with the step stool by the counter. She had knocked over a cup of water left there by my 8 year old, and a plate with leftover salsa from last night, also there thanks to my 8 year old. So I got to clean up water and salsa from the counter, floor, and both of them, while trying to keep the baby, Bobby, from eating said salsa off the floor.

Oh yes, did I mention the dog poop on the floor that I got to clean up, too?!?

I left their dirty clothes on, because I figured they’d just get dirty from breakfast anyway, so I could change them after that. I left them with banana pieces to eat while I rushed to hang up the rest of the diapers. They, of course, both began crying when I was gone too long for them to handle.

Came back, cleaned them up, then had to take the dogs out to pee, since they had been waiting not-so-patiently. Back inside, then Natalie decided she didn’t want her diaper on. So she took it off, and immediately flooded the floor with pee. I totally used her shirt to soak it up before cleaning the spot with a rag, because well, the shirt was dirty anyway! At least it wasn’t on the carpet, right?

Got both of them new clothes, spent several minutes wrangling Bobby to get him changed, because he didn’t think he should be bothered with clothes right now. Never mind that it’s 30 degrees outside, he would prefer to be naked, thank you!

Oh yes, I’m forgetting washing Natalie’s bottle to get her more milk, and wiping Bobby’s snotty nose to try and prevent him from wiping it on my shirt (didn’t work, I’ve decided I’ll have perpetually snotty clothes).

And I totally just set the bag of trash with the dog poop in it on the front porch. I’ll take it to the can later.

I woke up starving, but somehow have lost my appetite between the poop, pee, and snot (gee, I wonder how that happened?). And I have yet to drink any coffee. As I write this, the babies are climbing all over me and relatively happy, and I know that as soon as I get up to do anything else, they’ll start crying again. But coffee is calling my name. I don’t think I’d make it past 9am without it or a nap…and we all know I’m not getting one of those!

It’s a good thing kids are cute, huh?



3 responses to “Not For the Faint of Heart

  1. Amie Elna says:

    Ahhhh…. What a morning! I bet your coffee never tasted better – you earned that cup:) Hope there’s of your day has calmed down a bit!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I made the conscious choice to turn it around! Decided the messiness of the house was contributing to my stress factor. So I did dishes, made a late breakfast, swept, had the older kids watch the baby while I showered with the toddler, then we all cleaned up so I could do a good vacuuming of about half the house (big house lol). I feel much better now =) Now here’s hoping my toddler ends her nap strike!

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