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Ten Reasons to Not Sleep Train Your Baby

on May 14, 2015

I wish I had ignored every family member and friend who told me I needed to get my babies to sleep through the night, or longer, or whatever. I’m glad I finally listened to myself now. Bobby has always slept with me, except brief periods when I would put him in the bassinet by my bed. But I always nursed him when he woke, and most of the time that’s when he would come to bed with me. I’ve held him for most of his naps to date. And guess what? He’s now already beginning to progress to sleeping longer during the night and for naps during the day. He falls asleep best when I lay down next to him until he’s deeply asleep, then I can get up and he now will sleep up to 2 hrs without waking. At night, he will sleep even longer if I’m sleeping next to him. Sometimes, he just nurses for a minute, then rolls away and falls back asleep. Sometimes he wants to cuddle and nurse while he sleeps. What’s interesting is that I now have first hand experience that the ideas outlined in this blog are true. Elizabeth was “sleep-trained” and began sleeping longer through the night at about 11 mo. But she then had night terrors until about the age of 3 and wet the bed for many years. I wonder if there’s a correlation. Meghan naturally slept for long periods at night as a baby, but then was “sleep trained” to stay in bed as a very young toddler, which brings tears to my eyes when I think about it. She has had nightmares ever since and also wet the bed for several years. I attempted to gently “sleep train” Natalie until she was about 9 mo, then I gave up and put her crib next to my bed with the side open. She immediately started sleeping better and was falling asleep on her own by a year old. Now she’s going through separation anxiety and having a hard time adjusting to major life changes, so she wants to be rocked to sleep again and I’m complying.

Anyway, this is a very good read about natural sleep, I highly recommend you check out the other blog posts by this author, too!

Ten Reasons to Not Sleep Train Your Baby


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