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The Cycle of Abuse

on May 23, 2015

I can’t refrain from posting something about this…

I’m disappointed that not many people are talking about it beyond Josh and his parents. What about his sisters? But I’m also disappointed that people are ignoring the fact that emotionally healthy teenagers don’t just randomly molest a bunch of little girls. Monsters aren’t born, they’re created. What was done to Josh that manifested itself in such a horrible way? And also, what horrible punishment was bestowed upon him by his parents? The whole situation is repulsive to me, but I refuse to forget about all the victims here.

I normally wouldn’t use a source such as this, but I happen to agree with what is expressed here, and currently don’t have the time to do more research to find a better source:

“It’s quite likely that Josh was sexually molested himself,” Dr. Ornstein explained. “This kind of behavior repeats itself. His sexual misconduct at the age of 14 was not normal, and should have raised major concerns when it happened.”


8 responses to “The Cycle of Abuse

  1. I have been thinking about writing a post about this myself as I have done a little research and the reason he wasn’t sent to a real treatment center was the fact that his parents didn’t want him to be around offenders and even in his statements he talks about how the state trooper he did talk to told him it would ruin HIS life if he continued down this path. NO one talks about the sisters, the real victims, and their lives!

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  2. Abuse is a rough situation to deal with, I am sure. Josh’s parent’s did not ignore the problem, but took several steps to stop it head on. Apparently his sisters also received counseling. It is a sad situation to be sure, and one does have to wonder if he was molested at some point, but it sounds like between dealing with the issue through their church and then through the police, that he was questioned about that possibility. His parents certainly do the best they can. We are all fallible humans. I do hope steps were taken to protect the girls in the family from any further harm.


    • What concerns me is, if Josh was abused, then by whom? If it was one of his parents, obviously the other children are at risk. If it was someone at church, are the current children exposed to the same perpetrator? The likelihood of him being abused by a stranger is slim to none.

      My other concern is the lack of, or type of counseling these girls received. Apparently, Michelle admitted that Josh didn’t receive any, at least as a teenager. If all the girls had available was counseling at church, I doubt it was very helpful, as church counselors are rarely professionally trained, and often the religious undertones (or overtones) they infuse into the counseling do more harm than good.

      I’d also like to point out that the Duggars didn’t immediately go to the police, and the matter was never investigated because the officer that took the report was soon afterward sent to prison on child pornography charges.


      • Thank you, you did bring up a couple of points that I did not think of, and was not aware of. Yes, it is true that church elders are not professionally trained counselors, although I am glad the family did not ignore the problem, as sometimes happens. I agree a professional counselor would have been a much better option.

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      • You’re right that they didn’t completely ignore it. And they may have felt they did everything they could. I just personally don’t think it was enough.

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