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Sleep…or the lack thereof…

on May 24, 2015

The stars aligned this afternoon… Bobby, my 9 month old, and Natalie, my 21 month old, both fell asleep in bed with me at the same time. So I did what any sane person would do, I shut my eyes and napped with them! We slept for 90 glorious minutes. Although now, I’m paying for it with a toddler who refuses to fall asleep. It’s kinda ridiculous that my not-yet-2-year-old sleeps 12 hours at night, and that’s it! No naps. If she takes a nap, she may very well be up until midnight. It’s a small consolation that I’ve read how children who need less sleep may actually be highly intelligent. I’d believe it, too. I’m sometimes terrified at her level of understanding and insight. I know she’ll grow up to do great things. But for now, I just wish she’d sleep!

Some links on giftedness and sleep, since I’m sitting here rocking Natalie in silence:


P.S. She fell asleep! Nearly 9pm…

3 responses to “Sleep…or the lack thereof…

  1. My toddler will be 3 on Sunday, he stays up til midnight, nap or no nap, fortunately, he also sleeps in. I’ve just accepted he’s a night owl, if he wakes up too early, he’s grumpy all day and he still doesn’t want to go to bed early. He’ll nap super late then wake up and be in party mode. On a matter other than sleeping, I nominated you for an award,

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