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Ode to the Magic Eraser

on May 29, 2015

Oh, magic eraser…how I love you and despise you, all at the same time.
I bought you solely for cleaning the crayon off the closet shelves in the playroom.
And then, I figured I might as well use you on the playroom walls.
But you still had some life left, so I spot cleaned the living room walls, too.
You still weren’t falling apart, so I moved onto the kitchen walls.
And the face of the refrigerator.
I finally said goodbye, my old friend, and threw you in the trash.
But your twin is calling my name…


One response to “Ode to the Magic Eraser

  1. bob says:

    The sponges at are made from the identical material as the Magic Eraser – and can be purchased online for as little as $0.29 a piece with free shipping.


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