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Let’s grow a brain!

on June 4, 2015

Scientists cab now grow mini-brains. In other news…

Whoa whoa whoa…hold the fucking phone…

Now, researchers have grown miniaturized versions of the brain, and they even behave like the real thing, offering scientists the rare opportunity to study functional human brain tissue. Not only do these so-called “human cortical spheroids” display remarkable similarity to the structure and organization of the human cerebral cortex—the region responsible for higher-order functions like language, thinking, perceiving and information processing—but they also possess working neurons capable of transmitting signals to one another.

Am I the only one who is not only freaked out by the thought of scientists growing brains, but also the fact that these mini brains are capable of higher thought? Um, hello? Isn’t that what makes us sentient? How in the world do we know that these mini-brains aren’t sitting there thinking the same thoughts we all do? Devoid of external stimuli, maybe. But that just means they’d exist in a state of eternal limbo, so-to-speak; at least, until we “discard” them.

Perhaps we are all merely the thoughts of one of these lonely mini-brains…
(See solipsism)


One response to “Let’s grow a brain!

  1. Amie Elna says:

    Totally twilight zone material!!

    Liked by 1 person

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