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Normalize the Human Body

on June 10, 2015

I dare you to lift up your shirt and take a picture of your belly. Right now. No abnormal flexing, no photo shop, no sucking it in. Just snap a picture.

Why is that so hard? I’ll tell you why! We are bombarded with images of flat stomachs, muscular arms, and slim thighs. Add in the perky breasts and tight butts and it’s enough to make most of us throw out our mirrors and change our clothes with our eyes shut for the rest of our lives. Then we strategically cover our “problem areas” with clothes that make it seem like we just might have perfect bodies, underneath it all.

But guess what? None of us have “perfect” bodies! We all just have bodies. They come in all shapes and sizes…thin, fat, pudgy, lean, muscular, flabby, perky, and saggy. And they’re all NORMAL. Even though probably 95% of us don’t look like models, we are ashamed of how we look.

So I’m issuing a dare, to all who would like to see the human body normalized once and for all! Copy and paste this message with a picture of your naked belly in all it’s normal glory!



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