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It’s a Celebration!

on June 14, 2015

Come one, come all, to my celebration of these two spots right here…this counter and this dish drainer, the only two clean spots in my entire house.



Please ignore the toys, clean laundry, pillows and blankets, dining room chairs, dirty clothes, random kitchen items, canned goods, and crumbs that are scattered about the floor. Ignore the dirty bathroom, filthy stove, sink full of dishes, and naked toddler. Don’t mind my dirty sweat pants, ragged tshirt, and unbrushed hair. Nevermind the ants along the kitchen wall, either. I’m holding on to these two clean spots for the sake of my sanity. Please refrain from calling FEMA, also. I swear, it’s just the result of four children and sleep deprivation. I promise it will be all cleaned up by the end of the day…or heads might roll…


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