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The Loneliness of Going Against the Flow

on June 18, 2015

It gets a little lonely sometimes when you’re walking a path that so few choose. Sometimes, I feel as though my husband and I are the only ones. It seems so strange to me to see the goals of most people, and to think of my own goals in contrast…

While most people are searching for a large house in suburbia to buy, I’m looking for a few hundred acres of forest land and researching the costs of building a canvas yurt.

While most people are eyeballing the newest hybrid car, I’m longing for an old 4×4 suburban that could be converted to biodiesel.

While most people are saving up for a super-capacity, high tech, energy star washer and dryer, I’m brainstorming engineering plans for a big metal pot to boil laundry over an open fire.

While most people are daydreaming about redecorating their bathroom, I’m helping my husband design a composting toilet.

While most people are tending their window box herb garden, I’m plotting my self-sustaining forest garden.

While most people are cooing over yorkies in purses, I’m longing for a herd of goats and a flock of chickens.

While most people would love marble floors and plush carpets, I am looking forward to a dirt floor with simple wool rugs.

While most people are glued to their TVs gasping over the latest episode of The Walking Dead, I would like nothing more than to escape from the “walking dead”…also known as the “mindless consumer”…

So even though I was among the masses a very short time ago, I am finding it more and more difficult to relate to them. The further removed I become, the more removed I long to be. Not that I want to be isolated, just that to live the life I am dreaming of will be very isolating. Maybe one day, more will long for the life I do. At any rate, I still aim to follow through with my plans, no matter how lonely they are.

2 responses to “The Loneliness of Going Against the Flow

  1. webbermd says:

    You are not alone. Many of us envision living a life connected to the land versus a life of artificiality. We also researched the Yurt option, but changed our minds due to the cold temperature here and having to battle with frozen pipes in the winter. We settled on the Earthship, but a builder friend convinced us to build a traditional stick built home. It worked out fine. We shifted our plans to make living of the grid work for us as soon as possible.

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