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I’m a Dirty Hippie

on June 22, 2015


Even after a good scrubbing, I have dirt ingrained into my fingers and under my nails. But that’s OK. It’s evidence that earlier, I pulled a bunch of weeds out of my rock driveway, rather than saturate the Earth with more chemicals that are poisoning all living things. I was bra-less, shoe-less, and glove-less. I was at one with the Earth. My babies played happily in the grass with a hose, also barefoot, and got beautifully muddy while we soaked up the sun. Then, we fawned over our rapidly growing organic veggies and fruit and gave everything a good soak. If this is what it means to be a dirty hippie, I fully embrace that term!


3 responses to “I’m a Dirty Hippie

  1. justlikedying says:

    I’ve been there all to often.

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  2. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? To work with your hands and feel the earth beneath you. I had dirty finger nails yesterday thanks to some capsicums I roasted over a open flame – and then had to peel off the charred skin.

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