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Happy Father’s Day!

I used to write poetry often, and I was inspired to write something for my husband today. Enjoy!

A Poem for my Husband
You are patient when they’re crazy,
Motivating when they’re lazy.
A comfort when they’re hurting,
Calm when they’re asserting.
Your words are always wise,
There’s compassion in your eyes.
Your hands are strong, yet gentle,
Your morals fundamental.
An innovative cook,
Always willing to read a book.
The hardest worker that I know,
Your faithfulness will always show.
Your love is never ending,
Words never condescending.
You smile even when you’re sad,
You’ll always be the greatest Dad!


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Social sensitivity

Very interesting. I’ve found this to be true of older poor people, as well. Here is the link to the article:


Even as four-year-olds, poor people are more generous than their richer counterparts, an altruism experiment suggests.
Psychologists also found that teaching pre-school children to help those in need can lead them being healthier later in life, altruism-830x460reports Researchers from the University of California carried out an altruism experiment on 74 children (aged four).  During the experiment, the children played games that would earn them tokens, which they could swap for prizes at the end.
At the end of the session, the children were told that they could donate some or all of their tokens to ill children who had been unable to take part in the experiment.  The donations were made to look like they were secret, meaning the children were being genuinely altruistic by giving away tokens to benefit others, but without being able to show off about their generosity.
Children from less wealthy parents donated the most, suggesting…

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Dyslexia and Me


Dyslexia is something that not many people unaffected by it can fully comprehend. This picture is an example of the alphabet, as seen by Dan Britton. You can read more about it in the link above, here’s an excerpt:

Diagnosed with dyslexia in his third year of college, London designer Dan Britton wanted to show exactly what printed words look like to him and others who live with the disorder.

I have never been diagnosed with dyslexia, but I know I have it. Most people think it’s just mixing up left and right or reading letters backwards, but it’s so much more than that! Here is a complete list of behavioral differences experienced by dyslexics:

And then there are the multiple levels ofdifficulties reading:

Here’s some of my personal experience, so you have a better idea of what it’s like. When I read, if I read something incorrectly, it’s because my brain literally flipped a letter backwards, which makes certain letters become a different similar letter (b to d is a really confusing one); or my brain actually read the letter as a different letter altogether (“shave” could become “slave”). Often, letters get switched around within the word, to create a new word with the same letters (“salt” could become “slat”). For example, I remember that one of the first times I read the word “gnu” in a sentence, it made absolutely no sense to me. I read it multiple times, getting more and more frustrated. Finally, I realized that the word was “gnu”…I had been reading it as “gun”. The other thing that happens often is that words from one line above or below the one in reading will appear in the midst of the sentence I’m currently reading. That make it really confusing because I have to go back a few lines or sentences to realize what I did wrong. Add to all this the confusion between directions (left and right, up and down, etc.) and the other behavioral differences, and it’s no wonder “regular” people call dyslexia a disability! I don’t see it as such, though. Far from it! There are so many positive things about being dyslexic. Here’s a great list:

The one that stands out to me most is this:

Dyslexics tend to think in pictures rather than words. Research at the University of California has demonstrated children who are dyslexic have enhanced picture recognition memory.

My husband thinks is odd that I imagine every concept as a picture, but I think it’s one of the reasons I’m so creative artistically! I wouldn’t cure my dyslexia even if I could. This world would be boring if everyone thought the same way about everything.

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The Secret to a Joyful Life

I used to be so negative, always complaining, always bitter and sarcastic. I was so pained on the inside. Once I started seeking peace, I found gratefulness. Gratefulness led to positivity, and positivity led to happiness. I once wrote a poem called “Fuck Life”. The me who wrote that poem was lost, frustrated, hurt. I’m so grateful that I’m not that person anymore!

As humans we spend a lot of time running around, searching frantically for something we’ve heard about but never really found. Happiness. We hear about it all the time. It seems to be a theme out there, that the whole goal of life is just to find that elusive happiness.

All kinds of uplifting, emotionally-charged memes with marshmallow fluff clouds in the background tell us that finding this feeling is simple.


Pop-culture (even certain aspects inspired by true stories) tells us that if we work hard enough, we’ll find it.


The world tells us that happy people are the nicest people, the wisest people, and the most successful.


But, there’s something out there that might be slightly more important than happiness. Because, while happiness may seem like a lovely life goal, if you’re anyone who’s lived in this world, you probably know that it’s not realistic to assume that you’ll always be happy every minute…

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How to deal with negative people

Good advice


There are friends, colleagues and well-wishers who always desire the best for you.  But there are a few others, who would seize upon an opportunity to put you down, no matter what.  Be it their negative talks about their lives or generally their pessimistic outlook, whining endlessly, feeling insecure, or always giving negative feedback about your achievement / dreams —————- being around negative people certainly isn’t the best feeling.  This might influence you and probably affect your personal life as well.  Here’s how you should deal with them :
(1) KEEP THEM INVISIBLE —- People with negative energy can be your colleague or even your friend.  So, it might be impossible to avoid them completely.  During these times, “picture them as invisible”.  If you have people at work who bog you down with negative talks, try to keep the conversation short.  You can even put your earphones on and avoid…

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I have Irish ancestry on both sides of my family. This is a subject near to my heart.

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The Loneliness of Going Against the Flow

It gets a little lonely sometimes when you’re walking a path that so few choose. Sometimes, I feel as though my husband and I are the only ones. It seems so strange to me to see the goals of most people, and to think of my own goals in contrast…

While most people are searching for a large house in suburbia to buy, I’m looking for a few hundred acres of forest land and researching the costs of building a canvas yurt.

While most people are eyeballing the newest hybrid car, I’m longing for an old 4×4 suburban that could be converted to biodiesel.

While most people are saving up for a super-capacity, high tech, energy star washer and dryer, I’m brainstorming engineering plans for a big metal pot to boil laundry over an open fire.

While most people are daydreaming about redecorating their bathroom, I’m helping my husband design a composting toilet.

While most people are tending their window box herb garden, I’m plotting my self-sustaining forest garden.

While most people are cooing over yorkies in purses, I’m longing for a herd of goats and a flock of chickens.

While most people would love marble floors and plush carpets, I am looking forward to a dirt floor with simple wool rugs.

While most people are glued to their TVs gasping over the latest episode of The Walking Dead, I would like nothing more than to escape from the “walking dead”…also known as the “mindless consumer”…

So even though I was among the masses a very short time ago, I am finding it more and more difficult to relate to them. The further removed I become, the more removed I long to be. Not that I want to be isolated, just that to live the life I am dreaming of will be very isolating. Maybe one day, more will long for the life I do. At any rate, I still aim to follow through with my plans, no matter how lonely they are.


It’s a Celebration!

Come one, come all, to my celebration of these two spots right here…this counter and this dish drainer, the only two clean spots in my entire house.



Please ignore the toys, clean laundry, pillows and blankets, dining room chairs, dirty clothes, random kitchen items, canned goods, and crumbs that are scattered about the floor. Ignore the dirty bathroom, filthy stove, sink full of dishes, and naked toddler. Don’t mind my dirty sweat pants, ragged tshirt, and unbrushed hair. Nevermind the ants along the kitchen wall, either. I’m holding on to these two clean spots for the sake of my sanity. Please refrain from calling FEMA, also. I swear, it’s just the result of four children and sleep deprivation. I promise it will be all cleaned up by the end of the day…or heads might roll…

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If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Zip It!

Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes! This used to be me, and I’m focusing on changing it because this one change affects my whole life!

Dream Big, Dream Often

Another oldie but a goodie:

About 2 years ago I realized the toll that working retail was taking on me.  Without noticing I had become much more bitter, suspicious, negative, negative and negative.  Oh, did I mention negative? I didn’t like going anywhere except home after work and made it my mission in life to avoid other retail stores at all costs.  If you have worked retail you understand me, if not, go to Amazon and buy “Retail Hell” by Freeman Hall and it will provide perspective.

Funny side note is I discovered the book Retail Hell while on vacation on Jost van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands over Christmas in 2010. Unfortunately, I came down with a stomach virus and was confined to the villa for two full days. My only entertainment was a television that received two stations and that book.  So as I laid alone in…

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Normalize the Human Body

I dare you to lift up your shirt and take a picture of your belly. Right now. No abnormal flexing, no photo shop, no sucking it in. Just snap a picture.

Why is that so hard? I’ll tell you why! We are bombarded with images of flat stomachs, muscular arms, and slim thighs. Add in the perky breasts and tight butts and it’s enough to make most of us throw out our mirrors and change our clothes with our eyes shut for the rest of our lives. Then we strategically cover our “problem areas” with clothes that make it seem like we just might have perfect bodies, underneath it all.

But guess what? None of us have “perfect” bodies! We all just have bodies. They come in all shapes and sizes…thin, fat, pudgy, lean, muscular, flabby, perky, and saggy. And they’re all NORMAL. Even though probably 95% of us don’t look like models, we are ashamed of how we look.

So I’m issuing a dare, to all who would like to see the human body normalized once and for all! Copy and paste this message with a picture of your naked belly in all it’s normal glory!


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