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Photo challenged and other ramblings from the Prairies

on July 26, 2015

If you need a good laugh, this is a great story!

more than just a country boi

Please bare with me for awhile, seems either WordPress really hates me right now or my pc has a hiccup ….either way I am unable to post pictures right now…. I have tried everything, cleared my cache, freed up disk space ( be surprised at how much crap ends up in the temp files) even went so far as to defrag my hard drive …. and still I can’t post photos to wordpress … and yes I checked my allotted space on wordpress, I’ve only used 6% .

So anyway I am going for the free Windows upgrade , I can download the full version of Windows 10 for both my PC and laptop , the PC will have windows 10 Home on it and the Laptop will have Windows 10 work …. I have no clue what the differences are but that is what the notifications said , this…

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