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Organic Vegetable Gardening:first harvest!

on July 28, 2015


My husband, kids, and I dug up about 3 lbs of potatoes the other day! We could have let them grow a bit longer, they can be left in the ground until the tips of the plant starts to die. I was anxious, though, and the plants had grown so wildly that they were choking out my onions and turnips!

The 3 turnips that I have growing are doing remarkably well, by the way! The tubers are getting quite large.



I actually have a couple tomatoes growing, finally! Not sure why I don’t have more, but I will savor these 2 when they’re ripe.


I have at least 3 baby watermelons:


And lots of little beans:


My corn has grown quite tall, and formed several ears of corn. However, I cannot seem to keep the earwigs from eating them, so we’ll have to see what happens.



My broccoli plants are doing great, forming nice crowns, and we’ve already used several leaves in stir fry and soup!


That’s all for now, I’m just so excited at how this is turning out, especially with no experience growing food on my own before!


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