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Organic Vegetable Gardening: Harvesting Food!

on August 27, 2015

We have harvested quite a bit more vegetables since my last update! While I realize that my garden is quite small and unproductive compared with some, I’m excited because this is my first garden! Besides that, any food that I grow organically for my family is something to be proud of. So here are some things we’ve harvested:

Two of the few turnips we’ve pulled..(You can eat the greens, too! Terrific in soup or stew, or just boiled in vinegar!)



Some of the corn…(The parts with no kernels are common for corn grown at home, it just means they were under-pollinated.)


A couple of small broccoli crowns…(You can eat broccoli leaves, too!)


One of the few small onions I dug up because the green part on top was dying…(Again, you can eat the green part of the onion! If you just use one or two of the green stalks at a time while the onion is in the ground, they will continue to re-grow until you pull the onion from the ground.)


Best yet, a huge zucchini…


There is still a lot that continues to grow and produce. Our few tomatoes are still green, but I’m holding out hope that they’ll ripen. If not, I’ll use them green once the plants start to die! We have a couple bell peppers growing. The strawberry plants are still producing a few berries at a time. We have continually used thyme, basil, and chocolate mint (the latter of which makes a delicious tea!). There are a few bush beans that will be ready for picking soon. One cantaloupe and one watermelon are just about ripe (both are small, but I’m proud of them nonetheless!). Popcorn has grown and will dry on the stalk before we pick it to get the kernels off. There are a few spaghetti squashes beginning to grow, along with a yellow squash and a couple more zucchinis. And I have one lone cucumber growing thus far!



I hope you enjoy reading about this journey of mine and seeing pictures of what food looks like as it grows! I realize that a lot of people have no idea what fruit and vegetables look like before they hit the produce section of the store, and it’s a goal of mine to familiarize people with the growing process, as well as inspire you all to grow your own food!


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