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Adulting is Hard

on September 5, 2015

(By the way, adulting is definitely my newest favorite word.)

I am writing now to apologize for the lack of new content in the last few days. I’ve been adulting big time lately. Debacles with money orders, the post office, paying my rent, my bank, and even the claims department of my bank! I believe I either received or dialed 8 different numbers and talked to around 10 different people in the course of 24 hrs. It was ridiculous. But I remembered my Uber-nice manners and everyone was very nice and helpful…besides the computer that magically held my rent money hostage for awhile. In the end, I mopped up the big mess, got my money back from wherever it was waiting in limbo, and mailed off the money order for my rent. That aside, I haven’t had the time, energy, or mental capacity to publish any new content. I do have an article in the works, though, and it’s a doozy! So stay tuned! I’m hoping to get it finished tomorrow. In the meantime, check out my Facebook page, if you haven’t already, or join my Facebook group! I’ve been posting some of my older articles there, as well as other content. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


3 responses to “Adulting is Hard

  1. Fret not! I don’t write except when the whim hits…I used to worry about it, but now I worry that I will miss what others are reporting. 😉

    Happy to hear you made it thru the maddening caper. Proud of you, girl!

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  2. There are times and seasons such as this.

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