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Unconventional Me

on September 24, 2015

As you might have guessed, my struggle with housework is an ongoing one. Ever since I was little, I’ve never been able to quite grasp the concept of “keeping up” with cleaning. I know the importance of occasionally giving the house a good scrubbing, and it does bother me when it gets too messy to walk through without tripping. But I’ve never liked a sterile environment. Probably for good reason, considering all the research recently that says exposure to dirt, germs, and allergens is good for you! Not to mention, housework seems rather…pointless. Especially with a bunch of kids in the house 24/7. It literally will be messy again in about 30 minutes (sometimes 30 seconds). So why? Why bother doing something I hate every single day, with nothing to show for it?

Luckily, I’m unafraid of being unconventional. In fact, I prefer it! I’ve tried so many conventional methods of house cleaning, it’s time I try something different! Because this just isn’t working. And if it’s not working, it needs to be changed.

New plan…designate 2 days to clean the whole house. Besides laundry, dishes, cleaning the table and sweeping the floor. Maybe the occasional off-day vacuuming. Those kinda have to be kept up. Everything else will be done on those 2 days. Bathrooms, organizing toys, mopping, most vacuuming, stove, windows, walls…all those tedious things that we all hate to do (most of us, anyway). For me, not having a purpose makes it unlikely that I’ll get it done. In light of that, the days I’ve picked are Friday and Monday. I always feel recharged after the weekend, so Mondays are actually my most energetic days. And I like to start the week with a clean slate. Fridays are usually spent in anticipation of the weekend, and I hate to have a dirty house on my husband’s one or two days off per week. It makes us less likely to actually have fun playing games or going somewhere. That’s the reasoning behind the days I’ve chosen. I still will expect my kids to choose tasks off a list on those days to contribute to the upkeep of our shared space. I have a feeling this is going to work out far better for us. We will get 5 days to do basically whatever we want…art projects, baking, playing, computer time, blogging, outings, etc. I will update you all on this newest undertaking tomorrow (maybe…or the next day…).


4 responses to “Unconventional Me

  1. This is the very reason I want a tiny house. If it is tiny then the only thing I can do is the minimal of EVERYTHING! Do you have room for my husband and my 25 year old?

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    • Lol we have all decided this house is TOO BIG. My 9 yr old willingly shares a room with my 2 yr old to sleep and is moving her toys and clothes to the bonus room upstairs, leaving my 11 yr old downstairs in the large finished basement alone haha we regularly use only about half our house! We are ready for a small cabin in the woods 😉

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  2. You have figured it out just excellent. Unconventional is the new trend, i have been like always. Being a bachelor especially, only when i am psyched up do i think of the den. Otherwise the formula is always less cooking, less visitors, and ‘optimal jeans recycling’ equals less cleaning days.

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