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Why Disobedience is Beneficial

on September 30, 2015

If you heard someone described as obedient, what thoughts does it bring to mind? Someone with no mind of their own, who will do what you tell them, who won’t stand up for themselves. Oh no, that’s not what I’m aiming for, and so I do not want ‘obedient’ children.

Imagine, a world full of people who are looking for someone to obey. Sadly, I already see this happening in America. Obey the law (even if it’s morally wrong). Obey your doctor (even if there’s a better way). Obey what the advertisers tell you to buy (even if there’s no good reason to do so). This country is full of people who do exactly as they’re told by a select few entities, and look at where it’s gotten us? Obedient citizens are wonderfully controllable. They are also easy to profit off of. They readily believe propaganda and willingly turn each other in to the authorities for daring to not believe the lies. And it all starts with you, as parents. Demanding blind obedience from your children. Then sending them off to a government-run propaganda complex (a.k.a. “school”) to be further stuffed into little boxes, taught to absorb and regurgitate information, never to question authority, and even wait until a designated time to use the bathroom.

The mother in the shopping centre with a screaming child can expect glares and ‘control your child’ comments from passersby. As if children aren’t their own person but more like possessions to be controlled. That your parenting should be judged on how well your children behave, how quiet they are, how obedient they appear. That somehow the tighter grip you have on them, the more you are able to influence them and they will turn into a respectable adult.

By “respectable adult”, these people actually mean “obedient adults”. You know, the kind that go to college, get a job, buy a car, buy a house, pay their taxes, mow their lawns, have some kids, and then turn those kids into more obedient adults.

It’s time to stop being obedient! It’s time to shun the system that churns out good little citizen robots. It’s time for civil disobedience, because that’s the only way to buck the system that’s keeping the masses controlled by a perpetual state of debt and/or poverty. I know it goes against everything you have been taught to believe. That’s the point! Question it, question everything. And allow your kids the right to disobey.

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