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Are there more mass shootings now than in the past?

on October 7, 2015

Interesting post, for those that enjoy reading the statistics on such things. I believe that the numbers speak for themselves; but it’s worth noting that, while there are as many shootings now as in the 80s, statistically speaking, we have a far more instant access to information now versus then. Which is why it appears there are so many more shootings now.


Older people often like to think back to the “good ol’ days” when everything was better. In many cases this is merely the feeling of nostalgia and seeing the past in a better light than it actually was. But of course, as with everything, sometimes this golden past did exist.

In this post I look at data to see whether there were more mass shootings in the past than today. The main question I’m after is are mass shootings becoming more common nowadays than they used to be in the past? The implications are huge: if they are becoming more common, then we must look at what changed over time. We will be closer to identifying the reasons for these terrible acts.

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