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I am…

on October 15, 2015

(I wrote an “I am” poem in high school. I feel that writing another now is important, because I want to change my inner voice; to come to know live for myself. But first, I need to acknowledge my current voice.)


I am…

I am…afraid.
I wonder…why I’m here.
I hear…the voices of my children.
I see…chaos all around.
I want…to disappear.
I am…terrified of dying.
I pretend…to be happy.
I feel…so very much alone.
I touch…my body, but it doesn’t feel like me.
I worry…that all hope is lost.
I cry…in silence, alone.
I am…a failure.
I understand…that I’m my own worst enemy.
I say…things I don’t believe.
I dream…of feeling free.
I try…to see the Light.
I hope…my soul can heal.
I am…afraid.


4 responses to “I am…

  1. Wow! This is really powerful. I love how poetry can express feelings and thoughts so well. I just did this myself after looking into a mirror earlier today.

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  2. myzania3350 says:

    Powerful indeed…..

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  3. […] I have been on this journey…of self-discovery. Of uncovering my true self, removing my masks, learning to love myself.  Almost 2 years ago, I was crashing. I thought I had hit rock bottom at this point, but I wasn’t even close. I wrote this:  […]


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