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Please Stop Sexualizing EVERYTHING!

on October 19, 2015

There are so many good points in this article! I have no idea who the person in question is, but I totally agree with most of what this mom writes here:

Contrary to the opinions of many, human beings are capable of distinguishing between anatomical nudity and sexually explicit nudity.

Sexuality is something that everyone eventually discovers, but the world would be a better place if people understood that it is supposed to have a context….

…humans have developed a wonderful adaptation called a frontal lobe in their brain which allows them to keep their primal urges in check….

It’s a slippery slope to teach children that it is their responsibility to cover their bodies in order to protect themselves from predators….

…it is not a form of child abuse or irresponsible parenting to choose not to think about what goes on in the privacy of some wacko’s mind.

Rather than concentrate on shaming our children for their bodies in a desperate attempt to shield them from the sins of the internet, it would be healthier to teach our children that their bodies are natural, beautiful, and universal: that the sight of another human being’s thigh, hip, neck, or breasts is not cause for remark or leering….

Modern psychology recognizes that making something taboo or forbidden often leads to a fixation called the forbidden fruit effect. By hiding our bodies from our children as if they are something shameful and elicit reinforces for them that all bodies are dirty and thus subject to dirty thoughts.

(Read the entire article here.)

5 responses to “Please Stop Sexualizing EVERYTHING!

  1. A good view. All these over the top concentration on nudity, forms unnecessary warped sense of self and sexuality.

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  2. The Activist says:

    I suppose the sexual concentration comes once money comes into the equation. I for one agree entirely with your views on the human body and try to portray this on my blog Unfortunately all to often I have to remind people its not sexual and post sidebar notes saying so. For the most part I use our own photos trying to get people to understand that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and everyone body is normal, whether people believe it I don’t know but at least I try. I don’t think nudity affects children either,but I tend to steer clear of going into detail for obvious reasons.

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  3. myzania3350 says:

    Great viewpoint.

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