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Why Healthy Living is a Pillar of Successful Living

on October 29, 2015

This sums it up:

“When I asked each individual if they could magically snap their fingers and drop to half their current weight, every one said they would do it without hesitation. So, if these people are not happy with themselves why should I not encourage and support and try to inspire them to make healthier life choices? It would be irresponsible and uncaring on my part to not do so.

Does that mean one cannot be happy or fulfilled while being obese? No, not at all. But for the majority of my experience the latter is not the case.”

Dream Big, Dream Often

I have 4 Pillars of Successful Living that I believe directly lead someone to success/goal achievement or to failure/mediocrity. One of those Pillars is living a healthy lifestyle and it also gets me some of the nastiest email responses due to my opinion that every human being owes it to themselves to eat healthy enough to not be obese.

To clearly state my opinion: it is my opinion that it is irresponsible for someone without a medical condition to be obese. It is my opinion that if you can do better, you should be trying to be better.

Does that mean that I hate obese people?  Does that mean I discriminate against obese people?  Absolutely not.  Every individual has to make their own decisions about their life.  They must also live with the consequences of their life decisions.

So why do I hold this opinion?

credit: credit:

I have

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