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Postpartum depression is a Dad Thing Too

on November 3, 2015

I think it’s very important for everyone to realize that dads can get postpartum depression, too.

Uncommon Sense

OK. So it’s my first Uncommon Sense blog post in over a year.  In case anybody wonders about my absence, I’ve been blogging for other people, particularly Dad Central Ontario.

My most recent blog for DCO was about postpartum depression in fathers. And we really wanted to get a discussion going on this important topic.  So I’m posting the same blog here as well.  I’d be really interested in comments.  I know that most of my followers are women. I’d be grateful if you shared this blog post with men who might be interested.


When we hear the words postpartum depression (PPD), we usually think of mothers. But fathers get it too; maybe not as often as moms, but it happens. Some experts estimate that up to 10% of men experience some level of depression after the birth of a child. And sometimes maternal and paternal PPD are…

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One response to “Postpartum depression is a Dad Thing Too

  1. Fantastic article. Thank you for linking to it.

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