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What is joy?

on December 16, 2015

A toddler’s exuberance for the little things, like brushing his teeth.

Hot coffee.

A warm house.

Fleece turtleneck sweaters.

A Christmas tree, decorated haphazardly by my 4 children.

A two-year-old’s face, painted with mud.

Chocolate peanut butter chip cookies made by my big girls, who are growing up so quickly.

A husband who wants nothing more than to give us our heart’s desires.

Snuggling up on the couch to watch a show on a laptop that has lost half it’s keys to the chubby hands of curious toddlers.

An old upright piano to play Christmas carols on.

A long-standing inside joke with an old friend.

A full pantry.

A kiss goodnight from the man I love.


There is joy all around us. Sometimes, it’s hard to see in the chaos of life. Get up early one morning. Look around in the quiet stillness. See past the un-vacuumed floor and toys strewn about. Look past the sink full of dirty dishes and pile of clean laundry. See the beauty. See the laughter. Count your blessings. And then smile. That is joy.



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