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Time Well-Spent

on December 30, 2015

I was beginning to get very frustrated a little while ago. I haven’t written a blog in a good while and I have so many drafts saved that I really wanted to get something written today. I began yet another entry and got to the second paragraph and was interrupted by my toddlers fighting over blocks. I set my phone down to go intervene and found myself losing my temper when the littlest one just wouldn’t stop pestering his sister.

And then it hit me.

My blog was the distraction, not my children. My desire to write was getting in the way of giving my children the guidance they require so frequently nowadays. It was easier when the youngest was a baby. He slept more, he sat happily playing in one spot. He rode in the carrier on my chest, just happy with my closeness. But he’s not a baby anymore, he’s a full-blown toddler. And he has a sister not much older than he. Conflict is inevitable. They are two toddlers with still-developing interpersonal relationship skills. They love each other, they want to play together, but they need guidance…a lot of it.

I chose these children. I didn’t exactly choose the timing… but when does our timing ever work as we want it to? The fact is that they are here in my life now, and they need me. They will be grown before I know it, and I will have countless hours to write down the thoughts that swirl in my head. For now, they are little. They are learning. They need a guide, and that guide is me.

Every time you wonder what I’m up to and don’t see any new posts from me, you can be sure that I am spending that time with my children and husband. I’ll be back… eventually.


8 responses to “Time Well-Spent

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    Perfect. Doing what is best for you and them!

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  2. Tracie says:

    This is so true. One of my goals for the new year is to put down the phone, blog when they are sleeping, and spend QUALITY time with my children. They are only little once! Have a great day!

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  3. This really touches my heart. I read your blog to learn what the thought process is of a conscious parent.

    I am working and talking a lot about my family in therapy these days, given I was severely emotionally abused growing up and it effects me still. It’s difficult to look at how my parents set my sibs and I up to have this toxic sludge among us now in our adulthood. It’s sad and to my logical side, interesting.

    I know my parents didn’t do it to be malicious. They were completely unaware and unconscious. However, their unconscious awareness has had serious detriments. I no longer talk to my siblings and quite frankly I don’t see an end to that road. Not that I wouldn’t give it a chance but there would be stipulations now for me. I wouldn’t and don’t trust attempts at contact because there is no indication that they have suddenly come to realize the problems.

    I used to just be there because, well, that’s what you’re supposed to do…be there for family. And when I hesitated, I would feel guilty and think there was something wrong with ME. But now I know that it wasn’t JUST me and the damage is deep. And the damage is the reason for my apprehension in the past for getting involved with family, particularly in something or situation that is known to be stressful.

    We needed a lot of guidance as children. When there is just one kid, that kid has all of mom and dad’s attention, that child is the center of the universe. But when a sibling comes along there is competition and I think if my parents had been more of the guiding type, rather than let us run amok, or even at times not showed drastic favoritism, our relationships would have been much healthier throughout our lives and in much better shape now.

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  4. breannamcawesome says:

    I fully intended to start a blog when my munchkin was born… Yeah, nope. But I don’t regret for a second spending that time with him instead! Blogging while they sleep isn’t too bad, when you’re not exhausted 😉

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