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Sensory Overload

on January 15, 2016

I’m in a pissy mood. Just a bad funk. Everything is getting on my nerves. If anyone else has sensory issues, this is what’s called sensory overload. I think it started because of my 17 mo old nursing practically nonstop lately… he’s just gotten 4 teeth and is going through a growth spurt. Nursing is hard for me… having a sensitivity to touch already… so this nonstop stuff makes my skin crawl. Then my senses all heighten. Every other touch makes me cringe and wrap myself in a blanket. Once in this agitated state, the other senses are on alert… every tiny noise is blaringly obvious, everything magnified outrageously. I normally can cope pretty well, and I see these sensitivities as a great asset…I hear noises, smell odors, see things, before anyone else. But days like today are incredibly hard.

Why am I telling you this? Because these sensitivities begin at birth. Babies who are deemed “colicky”, toddlers who are labeled “difficult”, kids who are labeled “obstinate” often have sensory issues. They can’t communicate these feelings, and don’t know they experience the world any differently than anyone else. If sensory overload makes me want to yell at everybody for everything, shut down and hide in bed, then how can we expect kids to handle it any better? I’ve had nearly 33 years of experience and I still can’t shake the feelings associated with sensory overload… frustration, depression, stress, rage. But yet, children are punished before anyone even considers that they may be just overwhelmed with physical or mental sensations.

A little compassion goes a long way, for all living things. Some empathy and the desire to understand rather than control would go even further.



4 responses to “Sensory Overload

  1. ajk201 says:

    Thus the entire problem (or at least part of it) with public schooling. Most ADULTS can’t always focus on something for hours on end without getting up and doing something else. Yet kids with far LESS developed minds and bodies are expected to? Absolutely utter bullshit if I may say that. Our kids deserve better.

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    • You’re absolutely right. Which is why my kids are now free to direct their own education =) (unschooling)

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      • ajk201 says:

        As it should be. There’s times I think what I’d be like if I knew in my school days what I do now, woulda been far different probably than I was. I also feel in ways grateful to be out of that mess honestly, in part because of how much worse it now is from when I left (at my high school especially but as a whole too), and that was only a decade ago. Feel for kids stuck in it now, it’s gotten worse out there for them. Hard to watch or hear others talk about like it’s normal (ie: laughing at their kids hating school, well what do you expect when you put them in an unnatural environment like that? hell do YOU like being woken up before dawn every day for work? that’s what I want to say half the time when I hear conversations in my family like that, irks me to no end), but all we can do is be a light for change on our own I guess in the end. Keep fighting the fight out there 🙂

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      • I agree. My older two kids started out in public school. I wanted them to have that “normalcy”. I thought I wasn’t capable of teaching them (even though they were some of the brightest students going into their classes, already knowing how to do most of what they were going to be taught, because I had already taught them those things!). But the issues with public schooling compounded quickly. We took them out in the middle of 3rd and 1st grade. I’m very glad they got out when they did. I believe their sparks, their love of true learning, were already going out by that time.


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