Blissfully Informed Hippie Chick

Encouraging people to think critically about everything.


on January 27, 2016


What is that, you ask?

That glorious sound which I so seldom hear.

Bobby sleeping peacefully in the other room.

Natalie breathing heavily on my lap.

The dogs slumbering on the couch.

Lizzy and Meghan at church.

Sam on his way home.

It’s just me, in the semi-dark, in the quiet.

I breathe deeply.

I savor the moments while they last.

I think I remember this sound.

It’s eerily comforting, yet slightly disconcerting.

I hear it so rarely, my brain tells me something is amiss.

Maybe I don’t long for quiet as strongly as it seems.

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

I understand.

One day, the quiet will haunt me.

One day, I’ll long for the voices, the giggles, the shrieks.

One day, they’ll be gone.

Tonight, the quiet reminds me to enjoy the noisy chaos that fills my days.

One day, it will be so very, very quiet all the time.


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