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Faerie Locks

on January 28, 2016

I will soon be posting a new type of post on a regular basis, and I’d like to go ahead and clear some things up ahead of time…

I recently started only using baking soda mixed with water to wash my hair. Which is going awesome! It has become a personal goal of mine to live as natural a life as possible. It’s something I continually read about and strive for.

Recently, I began reading about truly natural hair… before the invention of the brush. Brushes and combs are man-made, unnatural. Think about it…we say “I need to fix my hair”. Fix. As if there’s something “wrong” with our hair…on a daily basis, no less! The truth is that, if kept clean and left to it’s own wild nature, most people would develop dreadlocks within a year or two. The Celts actually called them “faerie locks” or “elf locks”. (The myth being that faeries and elves created the locks as people slept.)

So as a test of my patience, self-control, determination, and trust in myself and the natural state of the universe, I have officially stopped brushing my hair. Yesterday, to be exact. As curly as my hair naturally is, I expect dreadlocks, or faerie locks, to form within a few months. And I fully intend on posting pictures of their progress.

That said, I will now clear some things up…

No, I’m not a Rastafarian.
Yes, I like Bob Marley.
No, dreadlocks aren’t dirty.
Yes, I’m kinda a Hippie.
No, it isn’t about fashion or being trendy.
Yes, I realize “what people will think/say”.
No, I don’t care.

This is for me. This is a spiritual journey more than anything else. It’s an adventure. I’m excited and nervous. I expect to be judged. That’s why I’m clearing this up now. I ask that you be respectful and kind, or hold your tongue. This is about me, not about you.



15 responses to “Faerie Locks

  1. Looking forward to seeing the progress of your locks.

    I used baking soda for a few months and it dried my hair out to the point that it was looking like cotton candy. It was dry, breaking and turning white.
    I went back to poo and my hair is doing much better and back to the soft texture it was before. I think since it’s so alkaline it strips the hair. I know some people have a great experience with it. I didn’t. The results for women doing this seem mixed. (Not the locks…the baking soda in lieu of shampoo.)

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    • You likely don’t have oily hair to begin with. Mine is very oily. Many people do a baking soda wash and apple cider vinegar or lemon juice (watered down) to rinse. A friend of mine does just ACV to wash! So it’s a big experimental process to figure out what works for the individual =)

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      • Yeah, my hair gets pretty greasy. I can go maybe two days tops without it looking too bad.


      • But yeah, I def agree with the individual thing. Funny, when I was reading your post about your wanting to have locks, it was reminding me how I want to cut my hair short, but am feeling chicken. lol

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      • Lol hair always grows back 😉

        I’d suggest if you want to go no poo, start incrementally. It is natural for hair to replenish oils that are stripped from the hair. The oils are there to protect the hair. When we use chemical shampoos and/or very hot water, all the oils are stripped, so your body overproduces oils to compensate. So your hair has to adjust to the idea that you won’t be stressing it to that point anymore. Start by going one more day than you’re comfortable with. When I did this, I simply put my hair in a ponytail on those days to hide it lol then once you’re down to once or twice a week, THEN try switching to the baking soda and/or ACV. I think that shocking the system is simply too harsh.

        Best of luck with whatever you decide =)


      • Thanks for the suggestion. I actually did all that. I would let my hair go for like a week I think was the longest at one point. Then I’d use a baking soda and honey mix. At first it was awesome and I loved it. And then like you said, I would not wash it for a few days.

        Then again, I’d use the ‘no poo’ solution again. Then let it go for a few days, as it would get oily…put it in a pony tail, sometimes in a baseball cap too.

        After a few months of this routine I noticed the drying and turning white even. My hair started looking like Grandmama from The Addams’ Famly…lol. It sounds funny but I’m serious. It had been going toward the texture of cotton candy.

        So I said “No more,” I went back to shampoo, cut some hair off too, because I think it was breaking. It’s much better now. I’m back to shampoo for now. My hair feels and looks a lot better.


      • Wow! Interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. myzania says:

    I have *super* oily hair. I’ve gone practically “no ‘poo” for almost a year now, starting from when I shaved my hair for the “World’s Greatest Shave” (Cancer charity event thing, happens every March & I participated last year). Since then, the only thing I do is rinse with water and scrub using my fingernails. About once a month I might use shampoo only, especially if I’ve been in a chlorinated pool or something recently (I work in one, so that’s regular…)
    When I can make my own rules I might start experimenting with natural alternatives.

    Will you use your fingers in place of a brush?

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  3. I’m all for the natural products- so I have experimented with a few different types from hair to toothpaste recently. I’ve tried using baking powder and cocoa powder in my hair as a dry shampoo which has worked surprisingly well. I ‘ve also stopped brushing my hair as often, but not completely yet. I’ve gone from chemical laden shampoos and conditioners, to no conditioner and only using a shampoo bar. I used to wash my hair twice a day, blow dry it, straighten it and sometimes even curl it despite having naturally curly hair! But now I wash my hair when I feel like it wants to be washed.
    I’m going to a locticians to get dreadlocks in about a week, which I am pretty excited about as it will be my first experience with dreadlocks!
    I’d be interested to see how your natural dreadlocks work out! 🙂

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  4. […] Two days from now will be the 6 week mark since the last time I brushed my hair. […]

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