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Sitting With Discomfort

on January 28, 2016


This bothers me. A lot. It’s a solitary dog hair on my pants. Why does this bother me so much? In one word: anxiety. Beyond that, I’m not quite sure. But I am learning to be mindful. I’m learning to sit with my emotions, the positive and the negative ones. I am learning to live fully in the present. To use all my senses. To be aware of my body… my heart rate, my breathing, my tension, all of it. It is an interesting journey, to say the least. I am learning a lot about myself. I feel that this will be a year of much growth for me.

(By the way, I didn’t pick the hair off my pants, as I normally would. I let it fall off on it’s own. It was incredibly satisfying to practice that amount of self-control.)


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