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on February 7, 2016


The function of the child is to live his own life, not the life that his anxious parents think he should live, nor a life according to the purpose of the educator who thinks he knows best. All this interference and guidance on the part of adults only produces a generation of robots.

Dadosaurus Rex

I stumbled across this while perusing the vast caverns of the interwebs.  It is a chapter of a book called “Summerhill” written by an educator named A. S. Neill, and the message resonated with me so strongly, I couldn’t help but post it here.  Enjoy.

“I hold that the aim of life is to find happiness, which means to find interest. Education should be a preparation for life. Our culture has not been very successful. Our education, politics and economics lead to war. Our medicines have not done away with disease. Our religion has not abolished usury and robbery. The advances of the age are advances in mechanism – in communications and computers, in science and technology. New wars threaten, for the world’s social conscience is still primitive.

If we feel like questioning today, we can pose a few awkward questions. Why does man hate and kill in war when…

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7 responses to “Summerhill

  1. Summerhill is one of my all-time favorite books. It’s part of the reason I became a teacher. Alas, it’s almost a fantasy in comparison to what schools are about but it resonated with me when I became a parent. Thanks so much for bringing it back to my memory. I had forgotten it as I first read it almost 40 years ago.

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  2. ajk201 says:

    Amazing read…..resonates deep into my soul without a doubt…we all say we want the best for our children, but do we really? Or do we only want what WE think is best for them? I wish people would ponder that more even if just for a second… many souls get lost to this type of thinking? It needn’t be happening.

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    • I am a guide to my children, nothing more. I allow them the freedom to make decisions, so long as they aren’t in immediate danger or infringing on the rights of others. I allow them to sometimes make decisions that I think are poor ones, and then we talk about what they could do next time. I do expect them to cooperate within our family, but they are given equal consideration. I understand that they are individuals from the day they are conceived, with thoughts and feelings all their own. I simply have been here a little longer.

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      • ajk201 says:

        How it should be…..always have felt, respect is a two way street. Just cause one is older doesn’t always mean they are worthy of it if they are not respecting you the younger the way they’d expect to be. Has to work both ways.

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