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Loving Me

on February 15, 2016

Somehow, I have to start loving *me*. In the past, I’ve asked friends or boyfriends or my hubby to tell me good things about me. It makes me feel good for a time, but I don’t really believe them, so I have to keep hearing it over and over to feel good. I’m done with that. I’m done relying on others for love.

I decided that telling myself isn’t good enough. I decided to express my love for *me* in a way I’ve expressed love for others… in a poem. I began writing last night. Words usually flow through me so easily. I’m stumped. Oh, I’ll get back to it, for sure! But just the fact that I’m stumped speaks volumes to me.

I’m beginning to understand how important loving oneself is to emotional health. Self-hatred is a battle that spills outward and affects everyone around me. I want peace in the world, yet I’m not at peace within myself. Since I can only control me, then any changes I wish I see in the world must be made within. 

I believe everyone is worthy of love. Yes, everyone. And that has to include me. I think this is my first step…I am worthy of my love, imperfections and all.



3 responses to “Loving Me

  1. I was just writing something a tad similar. Self love is very important.

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  2. Well said and well done … Namaste

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