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I Love Me

on February 18, 2016


I love my crooked, toothy grin
I love my bright blue eyes
I love my frog-like swimming toes
I love my skinny thighs

Far beyond the physical,
I love my intelligence
I love my thirst for knowledge
I love my common sense

I love that I’m compassionate
I love that I’m ever-caring
I love my adventurous streak
I love it when I’m daring

I love my musical abilities
I love that I cook so well
I love that I’m not afraid
to try things when I might fail

I love my determination
I love my creative style
I love that I can learn new skills
after just a little while

I love the way I dance
I love the way I sing
I love my way with words
and that I can spell most anything

I love that I love my kids
more than my very life
I love that I do my best
to be a loving wife

I love that I am loveable;
my imperfections make me whole
I love that I learn from mistakes
to help me reach all my goals



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