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Encouraging people to think critically about everything.

Who am I?

on April 12, 2016

I am…

I am a mother…but what was I before the conception of my first child?

I am a wife…but who was I before I said “I do”?

I am a rebel…but what am I rebelling against?

I am wise…enough to know that I am ever-learning.

I am strong…enough to admit when I am weak.

I am an artist…a musician, a crafter, a creator.

I am wild abandon…a dancer, a poet, a “Hippie”.

I am a sensual being…I howl at the moon with delight.

I am an adventurer…I am not afraid of new experiences.

I am not my inhibitions…

I am not my fears…

I am not the programming that my parents and society have attempted to squash my spirit with…

I am uniquely me…I am the universe incarnate.

I am love…

I am light…

I am truth…

I am ME.



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