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Kindness is not Weakness

on April 14, 2017

Awake at 530 for the 2nd day in a row. Before you say, “Ooh I’m sorry!”…I chose this. Why? Well, apparently this is a novel concept, so I’ll tell you…

My husband started a new job a couple days ago (yay!), we’re really crossing our fingers that this one leads to a permanent gig. This man has to leave at 6am to work 7am-5pm, and won’t be home again until about 6pm. That’s 12 hours away from home, away from his wife and kids, 5 days a week. And it’s no cushy job. He busts his ass to provide for the kids and I monetarily, and that allows me to homeschool the older two and not drop the younger two at daycare all day. I am beyond grateful to have a husband who understands how important this is to me, and shares my belief in it’s importance. 

So you know what? To show him just how much I love him and appreciate all he does for us, I willingly wake up at 5:30am and make him some breakfast and make sure he has some good food and snacks to take with him. 

No, this does not make me a “1950s” housewife. No, I do not feel obligated to do this for him every day… If I feel I need to stay in bed that extra hour or two before my youngest wakes up, you bet your ass I will! And yes, my husband would make or buy himself some food if I didn’t make it for him. 
I do it because I can. I do it because I’m good at making food. I do it because I love him. I do it because I actually enjoy his company, because we are best friends. And because starting my day talking and laughing with him and getting a kiss before he walks out the door and is gone literally half the day is probably the best way I can think of to start my day. Also, bonus!…I can drink a cup or two of coffee and write long posts like this and use the bathroom and maybe even eat some breakfast all BEFORE a horde of tiny humans wakes and demands all my attention, time, and energy! It makes me feel kinda human! Even better, it makes me feel like a human who takes care of those I love.


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