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Yes, my house is dirty. 

on May 19, 2017

You know why it’s so hard to keep a house clean when you have kids? It goes something like this…

I got the two littlest ones to play together nicely…which I knew would last about 2.3 minutes. So I walked into the kitchen, shook my head at the mess, then thought, “The counter! It’s almost cleared off right now… weird… but I’ll roll with it. I’ll clean it real quick!”

Then it began. 

I saw the spice rack, which has the missing spice jar, because it had to be washed. It was washed by my husband and dried and put away by my 11 year old, who doesn’t know where everything goes in our new kitchen yet, and who was involved in some sort of magnificent race with her father to see who could wash or dry faster. Anyway…

I thought, “Maybe the jar is in this cabinet…” I opened the cabinet and was met with complete chaos. Everything just kind of thrown in. So I started organizing containers and measuring cups. I heard the little ones start arguing and then I lost my focus completely. One of them came in to tell me their troubles and it was around that time when I couldn’t even remember why I was organizing the cabinet. I suddenly remembered, “Spice jar!”… but it wasn’t there…

“Probably up with the cups and shot glasses,” I thought to myself. Then…

I’m not actually sure what happened next… things happen in such rapid succession around here that I can sometimes not keep up! Something with the kids diverted my attention. 

I wound up in the bathroom, and began writing this. Because the toilet is the one place I might get some peace for a minute. With the door open, of course. I gave up on closed bathroom doors awhile ago. 

Then one child came in and asked about the picture I drew on the white board. I was hoping she would, because she is very interested in drawing. So I went and drew more and encouraged her to draw. She got frustrated and wanted her bottle. She went to try and find her bottle while I washed the other one’s cup. I got him a drink while the other called to me that she couldn’t find her bottle. 

I walked into the bedroom to find that she had not even turned on the light to look. I turned on the light, found the bottle, took it to the kitchen, washed it, filled it. Drank the other one’s juice left in his cup, rinsed it, filled it with milk. 

… sometime in there, I started heating up chicken strips…

And now, the chicken is done, the little ones are playing quietly, and I’m standing here in front of the counter that never got washed and the spice rack with a  still-missing jar. 

Yeah…a typical 45 minutes at my house. 


The spice jar was found and filled with paprika and the counter was cleaned. Then I made the mistake of opening the fridge to put a bottle away while holding a wet washcloth…I ended up wiping the fridge down. Just the visible parts, though. And not that one spot of stuck on, blueberry yogurt. I don’t have time to scrub it all off…


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